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A four-person performance corporation working to meet your needs

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Martim Galvão

Composer, Protagonist

Martim plays drums and shops online

Kate Bergstrom

Director, Cloud-Based Concierge

Kate designs the Hot Club experience for our valued customers

Todd Anderson

Technologist, Algorithm Demon

Todd designs custom networked-based advertising solutions

Alex DuPuis

Visualist, UPS Driver

Alex creates video effects, delivers packages, and plays electric guitar

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Our Work

We're Happy to share our completed performances


An electro-percussive musical about online shopping

Humans and Machines

A young man searches for meaning through purchasing products online with the help of a friendly advertising algorithm, a guitar-playing UPS driver and a voice-activated digital assistant

All New Talent

Featured in Ars Nova's 2018 All New Talent (ANT) Fest.

Gentle Leader

A musical duo of Martim Galvão (percussion) and Todd Anderson (animated gifs / text-to-speech voice) gently leading audiences to new world views

An American Songbook

Creators of American sing-a-long classics such as 'Google Me', 'Be a Brand' and 'Nathaniel the Sewer Boy'

Small Step Forward

Listen to (and watch) Gentle Leader's Small Step Forward EP here


A music and multimedia theatrical work exploring psychedelic visions of digital consumerism

Our First Piece

Our first piece as a group, produced as part of Martim's master's thesis for the Brown Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments (MEME) program. This piece formed the base that later become HOTBOX


At the end of the show the crowd got to take their pick from a suitcase full of Arizona Iced Tea


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